About The Vault

Then and now

The Vault, as we now know it, has a rich history that dates to 1883. Originally serving as a residence and office, it later became a bank in 1908. In 1994, the building was expanded with the addition of an office building at the back. Today, after 28 years, this complex has been transformed into 44 full-service exquisite apartments.

One of the remarkable features of this national monument is the preservation of many original elements, including the stunning marble floors, ornate doorways, window frames, and ceilings, intricate stained glass, and even fireplaces in some of the rooms.

The basement, currently housing a modern gym, game room, and laundry room, was once a wine cellar. When the building was used as a bank, a safe was added to this area.

Another unique aspect of the property is the carriage house located at the back, which originally housed 2 horses. Today, it serves as an office space, adding to the historical charm of The Vault.

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